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Durkin’s Service Station

Durkin’s Service Station was the second exterior to be made after the Overlook facade. I couldn’t find any production photos of Durkin’s.
But there is a short clip from Vivian Kubrick’s documentary.
When making the exterior at Durkin’s I had to come up with a road with cars, also a horizon with distant buildings with lights on. While building I noticed a chimney. A production photo of the facade of the Overlook Hotel shows the same chimney behind the Enigma building.

The complete story can be read here

exterior Durkin's
The snowcat is from the Spryte brand, written in beautiful letters, but is not finished yet.
Durkin's Service Station

Durkin’s interior

It was (and is) a challenge to make all the furniture and objects.
The Silver Beauty 8200 Charger and portable TV can be downloaded as a SketchUp file from my 3D Warehouse site [3D warehouse the Shining]


Portable TV

It is difficult to determine the brand of the portable TV.
I have gambled on Panasonic but am not sure. It could also be a Sampo. If anyone knows what make and type, let me know in the comments below.
The cartoon that takes place during the phone scene is called “To Itch His Own” and more information about this cartoon can be found on EYESCREAM.

Panasonic portable TV
I believe it is a Panasonic TV, but I am not sure.

Battery charger Silver Beauty 8200

I found the Battery charger Silver Beauty 8200 on the internet. Unfortunately, the dimensions cannot be found. Also found the Trico wiper blade stand on Amazon.
Not everything is clearly visible. The position and location of all furniture.
In addition to the battery charger, there is also a Coca Cola machine and a stand for aerosols and lubricants. Luckily I recently found a very short production video in which Stanley Kubrick walks into Durkin’s and plays chess with Tony Burton. With this short clip it is possible to get an impression of the parts that cannot be seen in the film.

Battery charger Silver Beauty 8200
Battery charger Silver Beauty 8200

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  1. For real!!! You are a bad ass!!!
    One of the greatest cinematic masterpieces!!! You have done such an awesome job!

  2. Just came across your site, superb research to the smallest of details and stunning renders. Been loving looking through each section, beautiful stuff throughout!

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