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Each set has multiple doors to the outside world. Because many questions are about merging the different sets. There are already games of the Overlook Hotel to play, where the sets are connected.
To help someone build their game, I made an inventory of all doors, portals and corridors for a number of sets.
First of all, the Lobby where the story begins.

The Lobby

the entrance
to the Kitchen?

Behind the doors you can see the outer wall of Stage 4, but with flats in front of it.

stairs to nowhere
at the end of the Green Corridor

Here you can see the outside wall of Stage 4

service door in the Green Corridor

this service door opens onto the office corridor

the 2nd service door can be seen on the right
Jack on his way to the Lobby set
the same doors seen from the other side
the route to the Goldroom

Right behind the curtains is the passage to the Goldroom.

Colorado Lounge – ground floor

stairs to nowhere and elevator
under the green EXIT sign
under the green EXIT sign
under the red EXIT sign
left of the green EXIT sign

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