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The kitchen set was not built on a soundstage, but in one of the office buildings of the Elstree Studios. The Enigma building.

If you are a Stanley Kubrick fan, you must watch the video from the Japanese film-maker Jun’ichi Yaoi on YouTube.
It shows an interview with Vivian Kubrick in the office rooms of the Enigma Building where the kitchen set was built. The Kitchen part is at 18:30

Jun’ichi Yaoi video

The video also features Jun’ichi Yaoi’s telephone interview with Stanley Kubrick.

I made this render many years ago when I started to reconstruct the kitchen.
Had a lot of trouble determining the scale of the entire kitchen. Later it turned out when I wanted to import the set into the building on the Elstree Studio site, that this fit perfectly.
All the effort to get the scale correct has paid off.

Service Elevator

The service elevator is only briefly visible at the start of Hallorann’s tour as he leads Wendy and Danny through the kitchen.
This scene was not shot in a studio on the Elstree site, but in a production building called Enigma building.
The elevator is a working elevator with the ground floor elevator exit visible in the Boiler room scene.

This area can also be seen in Jun’ichi Yaoi’s video.

The fire exit area
cardboard boxes
The name on one of the cardboard boxes would later become the title of a movie that was never made.
The Aryan Papers.

Hand truck

A hand truck can be seen on the right. This also pops up in the Boiler Room in the washing machine area.


Kitchen Appliances

The kitchen consists of a huge collection of kitchen appliances. It took a lot of time and is still not finished.

The Overlook kitchen


There are quite a few different cardboard boxes in the Storeroom. After the first inventory, I just started making a sheet in which to register all the different types of boxes.
It turns out there are about fifty different boxes.
I haven’t made all the boxes yet.

Storage room
The Storeroom is actually a set in itself. Sorting out the cardboard boxes was quite a job.

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  1. Kubrick loved making something out of nothing, the fact that the Kitchen, Red Bathroom, Boiler Room and the Games Room weren’t actually soundstages is fascinating.

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