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The Boiler room consists of two rooms and is probably an existing boiler room in the Enigma building on the Elstree site.
The room where Wendy is last seen in the Boiler Room scene is right below the room where Hallorann begins his tour of the kitchen.
The freight elevator at the Boiler Room is one floor lower than the one in the kitchen.
In Doctor Sleep a lot of effort has been put in to build the Boiler Room exactly.
I think they did a fantastic job.

Old renders

These renders of the Boiler Room were made two years ago in Kerkythea. The textures are not of very high quality and the lighting could also be better.
The intention is to provide the drawing with good textures and to render it with Vray.

boiler room set


One of the things that recurs in all drawings is the scale.
The only reference you have is the height of the actors. In this scene Wendy is in the picture, giving you a sense of how big things are. Shelley Duvall is 5’8 “(1.73 m) by IMDB.
The size of objects is difficult to determine due to the wide angle lens that is used.

boiler room set

Where was the boiler room scene shot?

I’ve always wondered where the boiler room set was shot.
On the site of the Elstree Studios is an actual ‘boiler house’.

Elstree plan view with real boiler room

It is possible that the boiler room scene was shot there. The boiler house will have been renovated over time, but the dimensions will not have changed much.
With the help of Google Maps I was able to determine the dimensions of the Boiler House. The house measures approx 16 x 21 meters. So it could be possible that the scene was shot here.

Another possibility.

Recently I was reviewing the film by Japanese filmmaker Jun’ichi Yaoi. I noticed a short scene there.
Jun’ichi Yaoi is shown around the Elstree site by Julian Senior. They arrive at the building where the kitchen set was built. The Enigma building. (H)
Before they walk up the stairs, Julian shows the space next to the stairs.

A few images later we get to see the inside. There are a few similarities with the Boiler Room.
In the back is a wide door that can pass for a service elevator. That makes sense because if they are on the first floor there is an elevator door in the same position. The door is painted in a green color.
note: the color doesn’t look the same, because I enhanced the screengrab in hue, saturation and brightness. (pink tennis ball syndrome)

An opening can be seen in the back left. The same one that Wendy goes through when she goes to Jack.

Now trying to fit my original drawing of the Boiler Room into the building. This has already worked well with the entire kitchen and hallways. When that is done I will make video from the outside in. Maybe Wendy’s route from the boiler room across the Elstree Studio site to Stage 3 where the Colorado Lounge is built.
(Jack has a nightmare)
Its not far.

Here two more images.

boiler room set
emergency exit
Boiler room
industrial washing machines

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  1. You’re right that the boiler room was downstairs in what was later called the Enigma Building. The white door where Julian Senior and the Japanese guy are standing leads to a short flight of stairs that then turned left in a right-angle and led up to a landing. Directly opposite was Stanley’s cutting room (in what’s marked on your plan as Elstree Optical). Gordon Stainforth (Asst. Editor and Music Editor on The Shining)

    1. Thanks for the info Gordon. It’s great to get some insight from someone who was involved in The Shining’s production.

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