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There are quite a lot of posters and warning signs in the Shining.
The posters that often return are of course the ‘choking’ and ’emergency’ posters.

Durkin’s Service Station is full of posters and the Gamesroom is also richly decorated.
Most of the posters cannot be found on the internet, like the famous ‘Monarch poster’.
So I tried to recreate almost all the posters as well as possible.

I’ve had a lot of support from Joe Tolman. It’s worth checking out his website on all art in the shining.

The Monarch Poster


Much has been written about the ‘Monarch poster’ by various analysts.
Here are some links to the site of Juli Kearns:
idyllopus closing day and idyllopus monarch

“Monarch” could be a name for a CIA program called MKUltra. See Wiki

Rescue Breathing

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