reconstruction of the Gamesroom

There are only two shots to reconstruct the Gamesroom set. Danny playing darts and the entry of the Grady twins.

Sloping roof

A big help was the 4: 3 format version of the Shining. This made it easier to see that the ceiling had a sloping roof construction. The same as the workshop.


Gamesroom dance rehearsals

Fortunately, there was also Vivian Kubrick’s documentary, in which recordings of dance rehearsals.
Down here the dance rehearsal for the ballroom scene.


Western Stock Show Rodeo poster

In the Gamesroom the discovery of a rare poster of the National Western Stock Show and Rodeo.
Unfortunately I was never able to find this poster on the internet.
Anyone who has an idea of where to find these posters, let me know. It is of course the poster for 1980, probably for 1979.