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The Boulder apartment.
There are only a few sets that have not yet been made.
Hallorann’s bedroom, the airport arrivals hall, the interior of the plane, the maze, the snowcat garage and the Boulder apartment.
Started with the latter. It was only then that I realized that in the Boulder apartment there are heaps of books, newspapers, magazines and kitchen utensils in the living room and kitchen.
Started with all the furniture and art in all the rooms.


Started building the Boulder apartment.
As always, the main problem is determining the scale. This time followed a different method. First we started to give roughly all walls, doors and windows a place.

Removing walls

The Boulder set is a small set.
When building I made a rough basic setup and when adjusting I noticed that the set was getting smaller with each adjustment.

During the recordings, use was very likely made of the possibility of removing walls.
For example, in Danny’s bedroom scene, the wall opposite the door is never visible, and there probably never was a wall. The camera angles in the living room have also been chosen in such a way that the room appears larger. The furniture has been moved or removed to make more room for the camera.

topview Boulder Apartment

Kitchen and Livingroom

I took the kitchen as a starting point and determined the height of the counter using Wendy’s height. She is according to IMDB 5′ 8″ (1,73 m).
The height of the cupboard doors and refrigerator can be derived from Wendy’s height.
For the height and width the standard dimensions of internal English doors are used.

Boulder kitchen and Livingroom
Boulder kitchen
Danny's room
Danny’s room
Laundry basket
Laundry basket


After the rough construction of the entire Boulder apartment, we started with the kitchen.
First of all, the fridge with the postcards and notes.
I tried to read the brand on the magnet to the right of the freezer compartment. I think it’s a Westinghouse fridge. Found an almost identical copy of the refrigerator on the internet. (dimensions included!)
Luckily I had a similar trash can somewhere in the shed so I could use the dimensions of that too.

Now make the boxes, tins and other loose items. This is actually most of the work.
In the kitchen I come across at least 76 objects.

I will keep updating this render. This is a new one, with two detergents on the kitchen roll holder, there is now also a plug in the socket.
The tap has been made a bit more shiny and the famous golf towel is present.


A number of remarkable works of art hang in the living room.
Of course the two paintings by Alex Colville, Woman and Terrier from 1963 above the television and Horse and Train from 1954 in the hallway.
Next to the outer door there are two banners, probably of Tian Shiguang and Lang Shining (what’s in a name).
EYE SCREAM has a article about it.
In the room at the end of the corridor is a kind of embroidered oval work of a boy and girl.

Another painting by Alex Colville, Woman and Terrier 1963.
The TV is playing an episode of Carson City (1952).
painting by Alex Colville Horse and Train 1954

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