The Green Service Hall runs the entire length of the set. This is clearly visible in Vivian Kubrick’s documentary as Jack Nicholson descends the stairs to the set. He walks past the two entrance doors of set 3 next to the Lobby set.

The end of the green corridor is against the wall of stage 3 next to it. In the same documentary you can see the open service doors on the other side of The Green Service Hall. The outside wall from Stage 4 can be seen here.

The Pay Phone

All crockery changes place and number quite often. When determining how much is where, I used a number of scenes.
The tour through the Green Service Hall; When Danny drives through the Green Service Hall; When Jack chases Danny and Vivian Kubrick’s documentary.
The pay phone was a lot of fun to make. Fortunately, there was enough material on the internet to build it correctly.


The Green Hallway 3 clip was shot at a resolution of 800×450 with a denoiser and a frame rate of 24 fps.
It took exactly 9:30 hours to make it. Time to find a fast I-9 PC to finish the clip all the way to the end so we can read what’s on the board….

forgotten places

This is a part of the green service hall that we do not often get to see.
When Danny drives to the apartment in his big wheels.
And in Vivian Kubrick’s documentary when she follows Jack when he goes to the Lobby. Later we see Danny’s rehearsal and recording as he hides in one of the closets.

green service hallway
reverse shot
Note the same coffee machine as in the Gray Service hall

James Fenwick Lansdowne ?

The painting in the accountant’s office is likely by James Fenwick Lansdowne. This one comes very close, but it is not. More can be read on the EYE SCREAM site.