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The Overlook Hotel facade

Quite a few years ago it was noticed that there is a detached part of the facade of the Overlook Hotel.
The photo below was the reason to dive deeper into it.
The picture shows that the alignment is not correct. This has been tried to cover up with a tree.

detached facade
detached facade

Stanley Kubrick probably did it on purpose to get perspective distortion to make the facade look even bigger.
Stanley did the same on the hill at the end of the road. There, trees have been placed on the hill, with the last trees being the smallest.

Two production photos below show where the detached part of the facade of the Overlook Hotel can be seen.
The white die corner indicates where the facade is detached You can see it better in the second photo.

The first photo shows the Enigma building, where the kitchen set and boiler room set were built.
The second photo also clearly shows the building of Stage 7, 8 and 9.

Overlook Hotel facade
In this photo there are more than one tree, unlike the night scene when Jack goes outside.

When Dick Hallorann arrives at the Overlook Hotel, 3 trees are clearly visible.
Behind the trees an attempt has been made to connect the two separate facades with beams and tarpaulin.

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