Many thanks to Anthony McKay from the AVENGERLAND site.
Anyone interested in the history of the Elstree Studios should definitely visit this site.

Only a few buildings from around 1980 remain.
The reception building, Studio 7, 8 and 9, The White House, a building marked on the floor plan as ‘Power House’.

The Enigma building, The Plaster shop building (K).
Furthermore, the work and storage shops at the back of the site (F).

Elstree Studio plan
A – Studio Administration Building

Administration Offices, Accounts, Studio Operations Office, Restaurant / Canteen, Bars

B – Ancillary Building

Production Facilities, Dressing Rooms, Hair/Make-Up Rooms

C – First Aid Station
D – Studio Estates Department
E – Miscellaneous Building

Stores 1 and 2, car park area (was a water tank) Workshops (Huts)

F – Scene Docks

Woodmill, Carpenter Shop, Storage, Riggers and Scaffold Store

G – Miscellaneous Building

Plasterers C and D, Workshop C

H – Maintenance Building

Storage, Miscellaneous Companies, Art Departments, Spray Shop

J – Boiler House
K – Plasterers Shops A and D
L – John Maxwell Building

Offices/ Art Departments (3 Floors), Workshops: Woodmill, Carpenters Shops A and B, Storage, Conference Room

M – Miscellaneous Building

Power House, Fire Department, Car Hire, Elstree House

N – Administration Building

Production Offices, Offices, Conference Room, Viewing Theatres, Art Department, Foam Lab, Main Reception

P – Post Production Building

Stills Department, Sound Department, Dubbing / Viewing Theatres

R – Miscellaneous Buildings

Pathe Library, Film Vaults, Storage: Props A and B

S – Miscellaneous Buildings

Cutting Rooms New/Old, Film Vault Storage

T – Storage Building

Carpenter Shop, Props D, Workshop B, Hair/Make-Up Department, Crowd Wardrobe

U – Special Effects Building

Offices, Workshop, Storage, Bungalow Building

Z – Security Main Gate