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The Red bathroom connection was fun to make.

The red bathroom hookup was fun to make. There is some debate among analysts at The Shining as to how the Red Bathroom is positioned relative to the Goldroom.
The red bathroom would go right through the bar, judging by the position of the red tapestry.
But the sets were built separately and have never been connected.

The photo above shows that the Goldroom was built in studio 5.

But The Red Bathroom was built in one of the plasters shops according to
“The playroom and then toilet sets were built in the Elstree Workshops as all of the soundstages were used.”

Since I have built sets for theatre, I found it challenging to find a way to connect them, even though Stanley Kubrick’s intention was to achieve a sense of disorientation.

Here are two production photos and one image from the movie, showing that the red tapestry is at an angle of 90 degrees to the door.

Goldroom and Red Bathroom

When we go to the Goldroom where Grady opens the door for Jack, we see the red tapestry hanging. That would mean the entire Red Bathroom would run right through the bar.
Juli Kearns has a great article about it.

This is how it would look like:

If I still want to build these sets together, the following option is a solution:

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