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Stages and Workshops

The Games Room set is built in one of the workshops opposite the Enigma building.

It was a lot of fun to build the telephone booth. Found an exactly the same version with the sizes on the internet. That made it very easy.
The foosball table has also been found on the internet. What is still missing is a piano, a few benches and chairs.
Of course still looking for different ski posters. One of them is the Steamboat Springs ski area.

Gamesroom in one of the workshops

The Games Room set is visualized in the film with two shots.


I mentioned earlier that after the footage was shot, the Games Room was taken out and the Red Bathroom set built there, but it’s more likely they were in those workshops at the same time.
When reconstructing the Elstree Stages, it appears that those workshops have enough space. They are two separate workshops built against each other.
The ceiling shows that it is a workshop with a sloping roof.

Games Room

Workshop paneling

In a production photo during the shooting of the Red Bathroom scene, Stanley Kubrick can be seen, with what appears to be the same wood paneling in the background as in the Games Room.
The same wood paneling is also to be seen in the dance rehearsal in the Games Room.

Skier with a red ski jacket

Despite a year of searching, there is still no trace of a poster of a skier with a red ski jacket. One of the paintings under the poster appears to have been traced. But we have a few options, all of which I want to try out, to see which one looks best.
The black and white photos came from a different set and are not the photos in the Games Room.

Games Room

Pool table

The same pool table can be seen on the elevator side of the Colorado Lounge, with the distinct salmon-colored billiard cloth.
Stanley Kubrick has also used a different color billiard cloth in Eyes Wide Shut. Red instead of green.

Funny thing is that the tables next to the billiard tables have the characteristic color of a billiard cloth.

pool tables in Games Room

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