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Layout Room 237

Room 237 of The Overlook Hotel has become iconic.
There is even a documentary about it, called Room 237 by Rodney Ascher.
Room 237 actually consists of four parts. the hall, living room, bedroom and bathroom.
When reconstructing Room 237, use was made of the 16: 9 film format and also the 4: 3 format. The latter format provides additional information at the top and bottom of the frame.
Unfortunately there are no production photos of the Room 237 scenes. If anyone has seen photos, let me know in the comments below.


Hereby would like to express a big thank you to Joe Girard for his fantastic site about the paintings, drawings, posters, books and magazines featured in The Shining. Without him, I could have only used fuzzy screen grabs. Check his site EYE SCREAM.
It’s very rewarding.
Room 237 is full of paintings.
There is 1 painting in the antechamber of Alex Colville, Dog, Boy, and St. John River.
In the Living there are 5 paintings and in the bedroom 6.

top view room 237
Top view of Room 237

A floor plan of Room 237. The set of Room 237 was built on the same set as the Colorado Lounge. See the floor plan of the Colorado Lounge.
I have tried to get the dimensions as accurate as possible. A scale distribution has been made to the left under the bathroom. The black and white areas are 1 meter in length.

room 237
Living Room 237

Here are some more improvements possible. The color and material of the sofa and chairs have yet to be properly made. The painting next to the door is not the correct one yet. Also the curtain can use an update.

living room room 237

I am happy that we found almost all the paintings in room 237.
The vase of flowers above the fireplace only after years.
Some difficult to recognize paintings remain. Next to the door at the entrance and near the sofa.

The two foxes and four birds

All paintings in the bedroom of room 237 in one shot.
I couldn’t make the paintings without the help of a great art researcher.
Check out this site: EYESCREAM about all the art in The Shining.
Left and right the two foxes. On the right “Fox Resting” and left “Fox Alert” both painted by Ralph Thompson a Canadian artist.
Above the bed four bird paintings. Turdus Pilaris (Fieldfare), Pyrrhula Vulgaris (Eurasian Bullfinch), Blackbird (Turdus Merula), Alcedo Ispida (Common Kingfisher)
Artists are John Gould, Henry Constantine Richter and William Matthew Hart.
You want to know about the bird pictures? BIRDS


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