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Connected sets

Questions arise about how the Overlook works. How the different sets are connected. Simple: they are not connected. They are separate sets in different locations.
But the Shining does give the impression that they are somehow connected.

Modifications and renovations to various sets in the Shining

I read a question on the Facebook page ‘Kubrick Society’
A question came from Ken Garrison: “Does it (the site?) answer the question about Ullman’s ‘impossible office’?”.
Maybe I’ll make a page of set alterations made on different sets.
The first eye-catching adaptation is of course ‘the impossible window’ when Jack walks into the office of Ullman’s office for his interview.
The second is Wendy in the Red Corridor when she sees the ‘Blood Elevator’ in the Lobby.
Third is when Wendy walks up the stairs in the Caretakers Apartment.
It’s fun and challenging to do, but a lot of work.

If you have any questions about the Shining, please leave a comment.

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