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Goldroom tiles

The Goldroom was one of the most time-consuming sets to build, but also one that was most satisfying.
Most of the work is in determining the scale and dimensions of the Goldroom. Now that I know how big Stage 5 was, it’s clear to stay within these dimensions. Stage 5 was probably 30 × 25 meters.

The decision to make real tiles in different shades instead of a texture of the tiles makes the render time considerably longer, but has a great result.
There is a nice interview with Ron Punter in “Staircases to Nowhere – Making Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining” in which he talks about painting all those thousands of tiles.

It took 9 hours to render

The Goldroom Sign

What I have been able to check so far, the board is in 3 different places and also seems to have 2 different kind of stands. This can be seen in the beautifully shaped and gilded curls.

The sign is of course in the lobby, both to the left and right of the door and of course in the hallway to the Goldroom. When Stuart and Bill give Jack and Wendy a tour and arrive at the entrance to the Goldroom, there is a completely different board stand than all the other board stands featured in the movie.
This render does not show a beautiful gilded curl yet.

corridor of the goldroom
Hallway of the Goldroom
What is the program for tonight?

The Bar

The bar is a project in itself and is far from finished.
The biggest challenge is determining the size. One way to find out are the bottles behind Loyd. The size of these bottles is known and so it can be calculated how wide and high a section is.
The two cash registers in the bar are striking. They are two old and classic cash registers during the ballroom scene and two contemporary cash registers during the Goldroom tour. On my list are the making of the cash registers and all the bottles and glasses.

The Goldroom bar
The wooden panelling on both back walls was quite a challenge to find out.
alternative viewing angle
alternative viewing angle
Red bathroom entrance
The impossible red bathroom

Goldroom ball

Smoking policy has changed quite a bit since decades ago. Jack passes 14 smokers of the 25 people on the way to the bar, excluding the waiter at the desk and the people at the bar.

Goldroom ball

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