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The caretaker’s apartment is the temporary home of Jack, Wendy and Danny Torrance in the Shining.
The apartment of the Overlook Hotel consists of Danny’s room, the hall, living room, bedroom and bathroom.
What is striking is the difference in height with the hallway and the apartment.
I’ll explain below why this has likely been the case.

Impossible door en windows

The bedroom has a door to the hallway that is impossible to open inwards due to the difference in height of the floor.
Of course the windows in the living room and bedroom stand out as they cannot exist as they are on the inside of the hotel. The only window to the outside world is the bathroom window through which Danny and Wendy climb out. All other windows are on the inside of the hotel.

Stage 8 and 9

According to Ron Punter (scenic artist of the Shining) Stage 8 has an open floor where the staircase is built. The apartment is built on Stage 9 in the Elstree Studios.
The steps behind the apartment door are the transition to Stage 9.
Use has been made of an existing floor against which the stairwell is built.
I am working on a 3D map of the Elstree Studios around 1980, with all the existing stages at the time. Although no photographs exist of the construction of the apartment in Stage 8 and 9, I am going to try to build the whole set in this 3D floor plan.

The white recess above the door are the steps of the next floor.
The white box in the living room is a chair that has yet to be made. The painting took quite some time to find. It’s “Touch of Autumn by Gerard Curtis Delano.
Information about this special painting can be found on EYESCREAM
Twins corridor
The twin hallway

We still miss some things in the twin hallway. A table and rolled up mattress. The window at the end needs net curtains. The cabinets are too deep. The EXIT sign should light up. We also miss paintings on the wall.
And the color is not yellow but should be more antique pink. This is in contrast to the hallway at the entrance of the apartment.
Could this be a color correction error, like the pink tennis ball?
Maybe I should make a separate page of this to discuss these color issues.

The bathroom of the Torrance family
The apartment bathroom

Bathrooms are always present in the films of Stanley Kubrick.
In the Shining there are three; apartment bathroom, the Room 237 bathroom and the Red Bathroom.

The book titles are not correct. These have yet to be replaced.
‘Bomber Pilot’ and ‘the Works of William Shakespeare’ belong here. Read an article about this on EYESCREAM.
Apartment hall
studio set
This is not the set setup as it has been in Stage 8 and 9. Of course there is another floor above and below and the stairwell with the twin hallway is separated by a concrete wall with the caretakers rooms

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  1. This is really excellent! Glad I found someone potentially more obsessed with the making of “The Shining” than myself! 🙂
    Tot Ziens!

    Chris from Connecticut

    1. Hi Chris,
      Yes, it grows on you, ever since I saw the premiere in October 1980.
      I’m glad you liked it.
      I made a few 360 degree renders. They can be found on my Artstation page. https://www.artstation.com/deltabuilder
      Now in the process of adapting The Caretakers Apartment for Wendy’s ascent.
      And that’s a lot of work!

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