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Red or Green Hallway

The red service corridor appears at the end of the movie when Wendy walks from the green service corridor through the gray service corridor to the lobby.
The route she takes is interesting, as the sets are built separately in different studios.
My goal is to fully map out the route that Wendy takes in which studios she all comes to complete her route.

But now:

Where is the red service corridor?

The red service corridor is the green service corridor, but painted red with some adjustments.
I had already built the green corridor, so now adjusted it and made it red.
I put both together to see the difference.

What is different?

What immediately catches the eye is the service door where Wendy looks at the Blood Elevator has been replaced by a glass entrance door.
The coffee and soda machines halfway have been removed, as well as the stainless steel workbenches. The clock, plumbing pipes and sprinkler system, the punch clock and alarm bell.
The service doors under the exit sign are painted dark also the door on the left to Ullman’s Office with the sign ‘private’. The floor remains the same in colour.
Halfway to the accountant’s office of HENRY CALLAHAN (thanks Joe) a sheet of plywood has been placed to hang a chandelier. At the back of the second section, the notice board has been removed, but it seems as if the beige / yellow coffee machine at the left has been left standing. Difficult to see. This machine can also be seen in the gray service corridor.

The renders are not finished yet. Still some work to do, but it is acceptable for now.

The Red Hallway adapted

A new version of the Red Hallway. When Wendy came running I saw that the cigarette machine was visible at the very back. I hadn’t noticed it before. Hence a new version.

The Red Hallway

Second candlestick

While studying the red hall scene I noticed something else that I had never noticed when building the set.
If you look closely at the next picture, you can just see a second candlestick, turned 90 degrees and hanging in the hallway next to the “cabinet corner”.

A plywood sheet covers the door and windows of the office of Henry Callahan.
The plywood sheet does not extend all the way to the wall next to the service doors.
A hallway has been kept free where a second candlestick hangs on the wall.

Red Hallway
blood elevator
blood elevator

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